Edged board has a beautiful texture of natural wood. Used for any construction work. Eaves boards are suitable for construction use and household purposes. Wood has a core of dark brown or yellowish-brown color and a narrow yellowish-white sapwood; on the transverse section in the early zone of the annual layer, large vessels are visible, and in the late late wood - light radial flame-like strips formed by small vessels. Annual layers and wide (real) pith rays are clearly visible in all sections. The wood is strong, resistant to decay, well bends, has a beautiful texture and finds a variety of applications: in the form of parquet, planed veneer for finishing products, in the furniture industry.
At the same time the activity of organization is aimed at:
  • The beam of coniferous species is more suitable for the production of pine and spruce, in contrast to fir, they are less prone to rot.

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