Today wood production of RUE "Plant of newsprint" is a modern industrial complex equipped with the latest technologies and equipment of leading European manufacturers for the manufacture of a wide range of woodworking products and construction of frame-panel houses and houses from glued beams, the company's activity is aimed at:
  • the beam of coniferous species is more suitable for the production of pine and spruce, in contrast to fir, they are less prone to rot.
  • meeting the needs, requests and expectations of consumers while ensuring that products meet high quality and safety standards;
  • increase production volumes and ensure sustainable profits by reducing costs and expenses in the procurement, production and sale of products;
  • implementation of strategic and operational business planning based on consumer requirements, legal and other mandatory requirements;
  • use of modern technologies and technical equipment of production to improve products and expand its range;
  • improvement of existing construction methods that ensure the quality of work performed;
  • creating favorable and safe working conditions, improving staff skills to solve current and future tasks;
  • development of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with external suppliers in order to provide production with high-quality raw materials, materials, components and services;
  • expanding sales regions and strengthening the company's position in the domestic and international markets;
  • maintain an active dialogue with the public, the media, and other stakeholders.

RUP "Newsprint plant", being an environmentally responsible organization, considers environmental safety and environmental protection an integral part of its activities and undertakes to fulfill the following obligations:
  • compliance of production activities with the requirements of the current environmental legislation, regulations and technical regulations; continuous monitoring and timely response to their changes;
  • implementation of organizational and technical measures that reduce consumption and rational use of raw materials, materials and energy carriers and reduce the impact of production processes on the environment;
  • improving the quality of the environment by carrying out systematic work to reduce the generation of industrial waste and search for ways to use it, reduce the amount of waste water and the content of pollutants in it, and reduce emissions of pollutants into the air;
  • timely detection and prevention of adverse environmental impacts;ensuring continuous improvement of staff;
  • knowledge in the field of environmental protection, understanding the importance of participation in environmental activities of the entire enterprise team and involving it in the implementation of environmental policy;
  • creating an effective system of industrial environmental control and ensuring its functioning;
  • improving the environmental management system, improving its efficiency and evaluating the results achieved, taking into account the target environmental and economic indicators.

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