In January 2009, thanks to carefully thought out state investments, a branch of “Domostroenie” was established at the premises of RUE “Newsprint Paper Factory” to produce frame-panel houses, houses from glued beams, glued house-building beams, and various types of profile parts. Despite its youth, today the “Domostroenie” branch can rightly be called the most modern, technologically equipped and progressive woodworking and wooden house building enterprise in Belarus.

Production facilities of the company allow to produce about 250 sets of frame-panel houses and 50 sets of houses from glued beams annually, and using the latest technologies and equipment from leading European manufacturers helps to produce products that meet the most stringent requirements and the boldest expectations of consumers.

The main advantage of the “Domostroenie” branch of RUE “Newsprint Factory” before other producers of frame houses is the use of the latest technological developments of German specialists. The entire process of cutting the material, the production of wall, roof blocks and floors is performed on equipment with an automatic control system, which ensures the production of houses with the highest accuracy and with all technological openings (for heating, water and electricity). The minimal influence of the human factor guarantees quality at all stages of production of frame-panel houses.

Today houses from laminated veneer lumber are also very popular. This building material of the highest quality arose on the basis of special technologies and belongs to the category of the most modern and effective. At the cost of glued beam is more expensive than ordinary timber, but having all the advantages of wood, this material is practically devoid of its shortcomings. Thus, its advantages compensate for the difference in price.

The line for the production of laminated veneer lumber at the “Domostroenie” branch allows the production of logs up to 300 mm thick, up to 600 mm high and up to 18 meters long!

For those who would like to build a house from glued beams, but more economical, the specialists of the company offer a variant with the use of the construction of a wall from a double profiled glued beam (the so-called “double wall”: a bar – a heater – a bar). This technology makes it possible not only to reduce the cost of wall material to 30-40%, but also has a number of advantages over the wall from a single glued beam, primarily due to improved thermal characteristics.

At all stages of the production process, our specialists carry out continuous quality control, which is appreciated by many Belarusian families who celebrated housewarming in modern and eco-friendly wooden houses. In addition, the enterprise successfully participates in the implementation of the State program of housing construction in the countryside. One of the realized projects is a street of frame-panel houses in the village of Alexandria in the Shklov district.

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