Today RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” is a modern production complex equipped with the latest technologies and equipment from leading European manufacturers for the production of high-quality newsprint paper and offset paper, base paper for decorative facing materials, a wide range of woodworking products, as well as the construction of frame and panel houses and houses made of glued beams.
The company was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 363 dated 10 August 2005.

In December 2006, a sawmill plant was put into operation, the equipment for which was supplied by a well-known Italian company. The design capacity for processing round timber is 220 thousand m3 per year.
In 2008, the company completed commissioning of a paper machine for the production of newsprint paper and launched its production. The planned capacity is 40 thousand tons of newsprint paper per year. In 2009, we launched a new type of product — printing paper.



In 2016, a new production line was put into operation and the production of offset paper was launched.
As part of the implementation of the investment project “Creation of base paper production for decorative facing materials with a capacity of 30,000 tons per year” in 2017, the production of several types (colours) of base paper for decorative facing materials was set up.
In addition, in 2017 our enterprise produced the first base paper for floor coverings (gegenzug).
In September 2017, we received trial batches of bag packaging paper (Kraft paper used in the production of paper bags and for food packaging).



In June 2008, we started manufacturing planed products (profile parts) made of wood (floor boards, wood paneling), glued beams and wooden houses.



On 23 January 2009, branch “Domostroenie” of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” was established on the basis of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi”. By order of the Director of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” No. 27 dated 31.01.2017 “On approval of the organizational structure of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi”, branch “Domostroenie” was renamed into the woodworking production of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi”.



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