The enterprise was created in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 10 August 2005 No. 363 “On the construction of a plant in the city of Shklov” and produces:

Newspaper paper;

wooden houses and glued wood products.
The structure of the branch “Domostroenie” includes 4 shops: a sawmill shop, a planed products workshop, a glued workshop timber, a shop for wooden housing construction.

Production capacity:
  • sawmill – 220 thousand m³ per year for roundwood processing;
  • shop of planed products – 35 thousand m3 per year;
  • the glued timber bar – 15 thousand m³ per year;
  • workshop of wooden housing construction -2000 m³ per year.
  • Using the latest equipment and technologies from leading European manufacturers: HOMAG, “CATHILD”, “LEDINEK”, “HUNDEGGER”, “Weinmann” Capacity of series production – 2000 m2 of housing in month.
The structure of the company to ensure the construction of houses include:
  • – design department;
  • – production and technical departments.

The branch “Domostroenie” is an enterprise that does not require proof of its advantage in Belarusian x market. Since 2009, “Domostroenie” has built more than 1200 wooden houses. The company is design, manufacture and construction of wooden houses as per your individual projects, and typical. “Domostroenie” builds cottage settlements, standard houses, and also realizes the most ambitious individual projects. Also, the branch produces molded products in large volumes (flooring board, paneling “lining”, block house, imitation lumber), lumber and glued beam up to 18 m long!

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