The gazebo is an ideal place for relaxation and friendly meetings, as everyone knows from books, paintings and films. And the right place for it is far from the house, on a river cliff, in thicket flowering shrubs.
A spacious gazebo of this type is suitable for placement on a large empty land plot, or in urban recreation areas.
Installation on the land plot:
This gazebo is suitable for meals and reception of guests. As a rule, it can be equipped with a mangal or barbecue, electric lighting is conducted. Installed lattice will protect from wind and rain, and you can complete this gazebo with comfortable furniture.
Installation in recreation areas:
  Sometimes there is not enough of such kind of gazebo in any city. People who live in flats often gather a large company for recreation, and this type of gazebo is perfect for placement in urban recreation areas.
The gazebo is made of natural wood.

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