The cost of a home kit?

Depending on the type of house (wall material) frame-panel house or timber house.

What are the payment terms?

100% prepayment; 50% prepayment and residual payment upon full production of the house kit.

Do we install the house, the cost?

We carry out installation work, as well as installation supervision, the cost of installation work is calculated from the cost of the house kit and is approximately 20% of the cost of the house.

What is included in the home kit?

he complete set of the house is coordinated taking into account the customer's wishes.

Is there an installment plan and for how many months?

Three-month installment plan.

In what time frame can we produce a home kit?

From the moment of signing the contract to the production of the house, a month passes.

With mass production, how many houses can we produce per month?

Capacity of mass production of frame and panel houses-2000m2 of housing per month, timber houses – 5 sets of houses, S up to 120m2.

What guarantees do we give for our products?

All products of the company are certified, one year warranty on the house kit. When performing installation work on the Assembly of the house kit by the team of RUP "Newsprint factory", the warranty is five years.

Do we make houses according to individual projects?


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