Houses from glued laminated timber

The branch "Domostroeniye" is ready to offer houses from glued laminated timber under already existing projects, as well as to make houses from glued laminated timber as per customer design.

Since the beginning of time, timber was considered one of the basic building materials. And indeed, wood has a number of indisputable advantages. It is easy to handle, has high sound insulation properties, low thermal conductivity and high resistance to frost. In addition, with a small volume weight timber has high durability and wear resistance.

However, wood has its drawbacks. The main one is its ability to change the size and shape due to shrinkage and swelling with temperature and humidity. As a result, there is tension in an integral bar, making it “screw” twist. The disadvantages include appearance of deep cracks and rotting of wood as well.

What is the secret? Why is building houses from glued laminated timber becoming widespread? 

Glued laminated timber is a building material of the highest quality, which originated on the basis of specific technologies and is related to the category of modern building materials. The cost of glued laminated timber is higher than that of conventional timber, but considering all the advantages of wood, this material is practically devoid of its shortcomings, and that’s why its benefits more than offset difference in price.

Main benefits of glued laminated timber:

  • glued laminated timber - does not change its shape during its service;
  • glued laminated timber - has a greater strength in comparison with standard wood;
  • glued laminated timber - has minimum shrinkage in height;
  • glued laminated timber - in lesser degree is subject to cracking during use;
  • glued laminated timber - has high quality face and does not require additional finishing;
  • glued laminated timber - grooves and flanges along the length of the wall beam rigidly fix the beam in the wall and do not absorb moisture;

Production technology of glued laminated timber
All the advantages of glued laminated timber become obvious from the process of its production, which consists of several sequential steps.

  1. Specially selected timber, usually softwood (pine, spruce, larch) are divided into boards
  2. The selection of boards is carried out
  3. The selected boards are dried to the desired moisture level
  4. Defects in the boards are cut out
  5. The workpieces are joined along the length onto mini tenon to get jointed lamella, a component of glued laminated timber
  6. Lamellas are planed and glued together into the timber in a special press. To glue lamellas, a special water-resistant environmentally friendly adhesive AkzoNobel (Sweden) is used, which meets international standard and does not impede the wood to "breathe".
  7. The timber is profiled
  8. Cups are cut according to the project documentation

Our production line for glued laminated timber permits to produce a timber up to thickness of 300 mm to 600 mm in height and 18 meters in length

A wooden house from glued laminated timber does not require building the foundation of deep-lying, quite often so-called weakly deepened strip foundation is sufficient enough, which naturally reduces the cost of construction. Construction of strip foundation usually takes no more than two weeks.
After laying waterproofing on the foundation assembling of the shell of a house is started. Rafter system completes the construction of frame houses. The construction of the shell of a house usually takes between 1.5 - 2 months depending on the complexity of construction.
After the shell assembly, roofing, windows and entrance doors are assembled. This construction phase takes two-three weeks of working time depending on the complexity of the roof.
After the construction of the house, assembling of the roofing, windows and entrance doors, comes the interior finishing work, as well as work-related communications wiring: electrical , heating, plumbing, installation of finishing floors, stairs, interior doors. This phase of the construction takes from one to two months of operation.

The cost of the set of the house from laminated timber

The cost of house set is made up of the cost of materials. Standard house set (box) includes:

  • • exterior and interior walls of profiled glued laminated timber;
  • floor battens of planed glued laminated timber;
  • floor beams of planed glued laminated timber;
  • Rafter of planed glued laminated timber with a crate;
  • poles and supporting structure of planed glued laminated timber;
  • floor board, battens.

Upon agreement with the сustomer it is possible to additionally equip a set of the house with wooden windows, entrance metal and wooden interior doors.

For those who would like to build a house from glued laminated timber but in a more economical way, we offer a house with a double wall construction from the profiled glued timber (the so-called «double wall» «timber - heat insulation –timber»), which makes it possible not only to reduce the cost of the wall material by 30-40%, but also has a number of advantages over a wall of solid laminated glued timber.
What is most important is that such a wall is preferable in relation to heat engineering characteristics. Insulating layer of silicate cotton soft fiber is laid between the two constructions of timber.
The assembly costs of a house with the double wall are reduced. To build walls from 80*100*80 mm timber is much easier than from single timber. It simplifies the installation of communications. In the house with dual timber wiring is hidden inside the walls, and is thus easily accessible. The wall of the dual beam is lighter than the solid one, and also more rigid, its total width is 260 mm. Presence of double over-cut areas contributes to its rigidity.

Wooden houses made by modern technology on the basis of XXI century manufacture, are the houses of successful people who value their living space. Stay up to date!