Bath houses from glued laminated timber

Our ancestors invented quite a pleasant practice of health improvement: going to a bath house. It is still popular today, but instead of a classic hut owners want to see a modern wooden SPA center on their ground. Construction of bath houses from glued laminated timber is a new technology, meeting these requirements. It is growing popular in the post-soviet states.

Why choose glued laminated timber for a modern bath house construction?

As distinct from classic round shape timber that spread olden time, laminated timber is a strict regular tetrahedron. It can be used to construct any type of building, besides, it will look modern and up-to-date due to laconic wall relief.

It is important that this building will preserve warm-heartedness, which are typical for all wooden constructions. This is one of major reasons why technologies of laminated timber bath houses construction are greatly popular.

Another advantage is in the building material itself, to be precise in its production technology. Laminated timber consists of several similar boards (2-5 pcs), tightly glued to each other. The board is subject to optimization with defects’ removal. Then the board is cogged in lamella. Lamellas are glued to each other. Boards of the perfect parameters are used, they:

  • • don’t have timber defects;
  • • moisture level – up to 12 %.

Adhesive for laminated timber making is selected very carefully. It is a strong water-proof ecologically clean solution, meeting all strict international standards (certificate of compliance DIN.EN.386). For better cohesion of boards assembled and glued article is laid in the press till complete strength gain.

As a result such kind of timber gives a number of beneficial advantages to owners:
Ultimate strength. This factor of laminated timber is 50 % higher than that of single stick due to the use of boards with different fibre directivity in the “layers”.
Assembly simplicity. Strictly identically shaped elements with all necessary adjusting trenches are delivered to the constructors.
Construction at a quick rate. «Constructor» is easily assembled and upon erection of the case finish work can be started. Unlike technology of bath house construction from laminated veneer lumber it doesn’t require freezing the construction for 6-12 months, as the building is not threatened with serious “cataclysms” at shrinkage. “By-movement” factor is insignificant- all in all 2-3 %.

The branch "Domostroeniye" can offer bath-houses under existing projects as well as construct any type of bath-house as per Customer design.