The branch “Domostroeniye» can offer modern moldings from natural timber at manufacture prices.

Extensive range of moldings allows to consider not only such criteria as price and practicability but also pay attention to ecological properties of these materials, peculiarities of handling, difficulties in assembly and possibility of interior design of the selected style. Therefore most often when doing repairs in apartment or office, natural timber is used as molding. It is beautiful and stylish. It contributes to natural moisture exchange in the premises and creates favorable micro-climate.

Battening down

The most efficient option is battening down the walls, with decorative facing boards made from different kinds of timber: spruce, pine wood. Apart from low prices advantages of battening down are service life, mechanic resistance, assembly simplicity, perfect sound-proofing, possibility of multiple toning or painting, which allows to renew the interior with minimum effort and cost. Availability of cannelures for ventilation, protecting from condensate and timber stress. Battening down category is assigned in the process of finished goods sorting:

  • The highest - "А", indicative of complete absence of knots on the surface
  • marking "В" means possibility of knots without dropping, batten of C category is not distinct due to high quality but has reasonable price


Block-house is a type of decorative board, it imitates roundwood or timber and allows to create wooden block-house effect. Block-house as well as batten is comparatively cheap molding.

Main advantages of block-house are strength, service life, perfect sound-proofing and heat insulation, absence of deformation and curling even after twenty-thirty years of service. Treated with antipyrens and antiseptics block-house has high factors of fire safety and is hardly damaged by insects and fungi. Block-house assembly is simple even for inexperienced builder, it is mounted with “mortise and tenon” system.

Like batten, block-house is made from different timber species, which mainly defines its cost. The cheapest is the block-house, made from pine or spruce. Gum precipitation is characteristic for it which improves strength peculiarities of the material and is a natural hydroisolator.

Block-house, timber imitation manufactured by the branch “Domostroeniye” may be both for internal finish works with 18, 19, 20 mm width, which allows to minimize space-wastage of the premises, and for external-27mm width allowing to more precisely imitate the house made from roundwood or laminated timber.

Floor board

Feather board for the floor (floor board) is material for flooring, used since ancient times, since people started to work with timber. These days when houses and other structures are protected from moisture with paint materials and due to construction, wooden floors may serve long, without replacement, except if you decide to change the interior in your house.

The assortment of floor coating has widened. More complex methods of timber treatment, timber species, laying methods have become more accessible.


  • natural wood warmth
  • ecologically clean product
  • material long-term operation
  • additional sound-proofing
  • humidity regulating in the premises, levels differences
  • recoverability and change of color without floor coating dismantling
  • mechanically resistant (doesn’t damage construction entity and functionality)

Planed board, bar

Planed board, planed bar is popular building material, widely used in construction and for siding battening and strong fastening of planed mouldings: block-house, envelope or timber imitation. Planed board is widely used for construction of fences, roof sheathing, rough covering etc. In order to fasten light workpieces planed bar with section 25х45 is used, for heavy workpieces – with section 40х60. It should be noted that planed workpieces manufactured by the branch “Domostroeniye” have moisture level 12 ± 3%, that allows to avoid bar curling and at the same time curling of the envelop or block-house fastened to it.