Industrial wastes

The branch “Domostroeniye” may offer to companies and individuals industrial wastes, which can be used for heating, small repairs of the premises and structures, in agriculture. In addition, the branch may provide services for industrial wastes’ delivery.

Fuel wood chips -crushed wood of the established sizes, received as a result of crushing of wood raw material by chopping machines and special devices.

Wood chips sifting - non-standard fraction of fuel wood chips formed during sorting.

Lump wastes of timber(lump waste of natural clean wood).

Lump wastes of sawing.


Timber with foreign inclusions:

- used as a fastening props for the supply of timber (racks);

- lumber containing metallic inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye with mandatory marking on 2 ends.

Wooden packaging and uncontaminated wood waste.

Wood bark - used in the landscape design of adjacent areas, as well as organic mulch material in horticulture, etc.