Glued laminated timber

The branch “Domostroeniye” may offer any kind of an workpiece from glued laminated timber: house, bath-house, summerhouse and others as per Customer’s design as well as per finished projects of the branch “Domostroeniye”.

Laminated timber houses combine up-to-date construction technologies, project development and manufacture technologies, therefore they are exclusive and unique and at the same time multifunctional. Such houses don’t require additional finishing, perfectly fit the interior and area landscape.

Wooden houses are much lighter, for their construction light-weight foundation is used and that reduces your expenses. It was proved long ago that laminated timber houses make favorable influence on nervous system, have positive effect on the health of people suffering from allergies, heart and lung diseases. Timber absorbs carbon dioxide which depresses breathing and the air in your new house is always fresh!

These days laminated timber is one of the most upgraded materials. Our laminated timber is made from soft wood: pine tree and spruce from central and northern regions of the country. Thick Belarusian forest, protecting certain trees from wind and bad weather, preserves timber without truck deformation, which makes it stronger, more stable and predictable.

Laminated timber workshop makes different types of timber in accordance with ТУ BY 790282162.004:


  • 50-600*75-200 (h) mm
  • 50-350*200-300 (h) mm
  • 50-300*200-600 (h) mm


  • 80-300*100-250 (h) mm

Maximum length of timber – 18 metres!