In January 2009, through a carefully thought-out public investment, on the basis of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” the branch "Domostroeniye" was created for production of prefabricated houses, houses from laminated timber, glued laminated timber for building houses and different types of mouldings. Despite its recent foundation, these days the branch "Domostroeniye" can be called the most modern, technologically equipped and progressive company, specializing in wooden house construction in Belarus. .

Production capacity allows to produce about 250 sets of prefabricated houses and 50 sets of houses from laminated timber annually, and the use of advanced technology and equipment from leading European manufacturers helps to produce products that meet the most stringent requirements and the most daring expectations of consumers.

The main advantage of the branch "Domostroeniye" RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” over other manufacturers of frame houses is the use of the latest technological developments of German experts. The whole process of cutting material, the production of wall, roof and floor units is performed on equipment with automatic control system that ensures production of houses with high accuracy and with all the temporary openings (for heating, water and electricity). Minimum impact of the human factor ensures quality at all stages of production of frame-panel houses.

Laminated timber houses enjoy well-deserved popularity today. This high quality building material originated on the basis of specific technologies and is classified as the most modern and efficient. The cost of laminated timber is higher than that of usual timber, but having all the advantages of wood, this material is practically devoid of its drawbacks. Thus, its benefits more than offset the difference in price.

The line for the production from laminated timber of the branch "Domostroeniye" allows to produce timber up to 300 mm thick, up to 600 mm high and up to 18 meters long!

For those who would like to build a house from laminated timber, using more economical method, the company specialists offer the option of using wall construction made from double profiled glued timber (so-called « double-layer wall »: timber – heat insulation – timber). This technology makes it possible not only to reduce the cost of the wall material by 30-40%, but also has a number of advantages over a wall made from the whole glued laminated timber, primarily due to improved thermotechnical characteristics.

At all stages of the manufacturing process, our specialists carry out continuous quality control, what was already appreciated by many Belarusian families, who gave a house-warming party in modern and environmentally friendly wooden houses. In addition, the company has successfully participated in the implementation of the State program of housing construction in rural areas. One of the completed projects - the street of frame-panel houses in the village of Alexandria in Shklov district.